Staying green through Coronavirus

Staying green through Coronavirus




Staying green through coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis has changed a lot of things around here. Simon and I are at home with the kids, and Luisa has convinced me that a lot of you find it difficult to stay sustainable through coronavirus!

As I tell my children when they wake up late for school and miss the bus, not to fear, supermom is here!

Small steps

Take small steps every day, because times are definitely hard, and nobody is feeling their best. Through this time, try to develop sustainable habits within your family like I do in mine! Combining taking walks out of boredom with shopping trips reduces the amount of gasoline you would spend in driving every day! Wear a mask though!

Support the right brands

Now more than ever, we need to support the right kinds of companies! The circular economy is very important to sustainability, and a lot of small businesses need your help! Make sure to support your local farmers market, and buy from sustainable producers. There are sustainable ecommerce stores that deliver in your area, and now is the time support them!

Remember to talk about climate change

With the current crisis and nature taking back many parts of the word, there is a real danger of people forgetting that climate change s still very real and has not been reversed because of all of us shutting down for a few months! Remember to talk about climate change and educate others

It’s been fun thinking of ways to stay sustainable through this time, and we Greens are always looking for the simplest and most effective way to, pardon me for saying this, stay green!

My family and I supported by! They’re a sustainability and strategic reforestation based Company!

My family and I supported by