My Sustainability heroes!

My Sustainability heroes!

My Sustainability heroes!

There are so many people I look up to, who have taken the topic of sustainability out of the books and brought it to so many people worldwide! Today, I want to introduce a few of them to you! (Although you may already know some of them)

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who topped attending school, with the goal of creating attention about climate change. She has inspired an international movement of people young an old to fight the impending climate change, and move toward a more sustainable lifestyle in their homes and their businesses!

She has become a leading voice in global anti-climate change protest. People have demand stronger regulations on climate change, and have moved en mass to the sustainability lifestyle, inspired by Greta!

Antonio Vicente

When, in 1973, Antonio bought a piece of land in Brazil, saying he was going to build forest on it, everyone though he was crazy! You see, sustainability has become much more important and popular today than back then, and many people viewed Antonio as not just over ambitious, but a little silly.

Well, as this pictures shows, he has been so very successful in his efforts, and his home continues to a living-breathing forest!!

There are so many more incredible leaders in the world, who are all leading movements to better our world! Being a Treefy brand ambassador, and having always lived a sustainable lifestyle, I couldn’t be happier!