Sustainability at home

Sustainability at home

Sustainability at home

All habits begin at home, and sustainability is definitely a habit!

Simon and I have raised our children to be sustainability friendly, and have taught them to value the environment around them, because the environment at the end of the day, is you and me too!

I wanted to share some ideas about how we can make our homes more stainable, these are not just about products we can buy, but also about habits that we form, and how we can pick the best ones in both of those categories!

Utilize the sun!

Ah! The bright sun always gets me in a good mood, it makes the world come alive every day and lights up our lives(sorry for that one, Simon walked out of the room when I told him that joke) But did you know that you can use the sun more than you already do? Install solar water-heating and watch as your electricity bill and carbon footprint race to the bottom, along with this, consider passive heating options and solar powered roof tiles.

From the ground up!

Choose non-toxic building materials and non-polluting paints. Look for the Environmental Choice tick of approval to make sure you’re buying a product that will better not just your house, but your life, and air quality around you! Source materials locally to reduce the environmental impact of transporting them, and support local businesses trying to make a difference!

When it rains, don’t let it pour out!

Harvest rainwater buy installing rain water harvesting devices and if you can’t do that, just use buckets! These always come in handy while gardening, and can be used to wash everything in the house!

A house is not just a building, it is where you raise your family and make memories. Take these simple steps to turn your house into a home, for you and the generations yet to come!

My family and I supported by! They’re a sustainability and strategic reforestation based Company!

My family and I supported by